Keynote speaker on leadership and motivation

Keynote speaker on leadership and motivation

Keynote speaker on leadership and motivationKeynote speaker on leadership and motivationKeynote speaker on leadership and motivation

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"How to fail less" keynote

A keynote about Leadership and Motivation. This interactive discussion will focus on an honest assessment and lessons learned as to how to fail less. Failure does not have to be the final outcome!


 "Brilliant! Amazing.

Prakesh R.

  I just wanted to thank you for coming out to speak to us, I really  appreciated everything that you had to say... For a while now I have felt stuck and as though  going out there and experiencing life wasn't really an option for me  ... you have reminded me that life is a  balance and that everyone should focus on the things they love and want  to achieve. So once again, thank you; it has really meant a lot.


  I just want to say, it was amazing. ..listened to many many people speaking, but the way you presented today  was the best one I have ever heard and it hooked everyone's attention. It was a great change of pace to see everyone listen to the speaker  instead of looking at their phones!


...very  impact full and I related with you on many different topics that you  discussed. I am so glad that I was invited to attend your session today. It really puts everything in a different perspective...


... such a welcome reprieve from typical corporate-speak.    Everything you said resonated. I found myself saying talking back and saying, "YES!" "Thank you!". I cannot tell you how refreshing it was to hear an executive speak about transparency, caring about employees, the quality of life you extend to your company culture. Not only just talking about it, but I could tell that you genuinely meant what you were saying. thank you!  - Kevin G.


Proud father and husband, curious world traveler, (retired) long distance runner, Keynote speaker, philosopher.  CEO of New Jersey Innovation Institute. (NJII),  1998 -2018  worked at Wayside Technology Group (NASDAQ: “WSTG”), of which 12 years (2006-2018) as Chairman and CEO. Started career at  Ernst & Young in Amsterdam, Holland.

A graduate of the  Advanced Management Program at the Harvard Business School, I also serve  on the board for the New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC) (Chairman of  the board 2007- 2015). Received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of  the Year® 2011 Award in the Technology Services Category.  Won best company to work for 5 years. Black belt in Taekwondo, I ran a lot of marathons and some  ultra-marathons; longest running race completed was a 100KM race.